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Since 2014, when NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, first emerged on the digital landscape, these unique digital assets have gradually established themselves as a valuable investment opportunity. By providing a blockchain-based transaction ledger, a unique item linked to the token, and immutable proof of ownership on it, they have revolutionized the way organizations engage their audience in various areas, including art collecting.
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As with any other year, Art Basel marked the start of the 2023 summer for the art community. The event showcased 284 art installations from 36 countries and regions, making it a must-attend destination for art connoisseurs worldwide. Thus, a never-ending stream of visitors was expected, even at the VIP opening on Tuesday, the 15th, resulting in long queues and limited free space at some art booths.
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The world of art trade can often seem to run counter to harsh realities like war, inflation, economic downturns, and political crises.