Armin Boehm

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Boehm's work has graced renowned galleries and spaces across the globe, leaving an indelible mark on the art world. Notable among these exhibitions are shows at Carnelutti Studio Legale Associato in Milan (2019), Peter Kilchmann in Zurich (2018/2014), and Francesca Minini in Milan (2017/2009/2011), to name a few. 

Armin Boehm's Art Style

At the heart of Armin Boehm's paintings lies a profound exploration of scientific and human boundaries. His works frequently navigate the delicate balance between urban and natural environments, presenting viewers with thought-provoking juxtapositions. The vocabulary of Modernism informs his use of forms.

Boehm's artistic process is a dance between form, color, and collaged elements. He employs a collage technique that combines fragments of color, fabric, paper, or metal, giving his paintings a tactile depth. 

Fundamentally, Armin Boehm's paintings are a delicate interplay between existence and disappearance. They straddle the line between landscape and portrait, inviting viewers to explore the tactile surfaces and compositions that constitute the very essence of his art. His works stand as a testament to the power of artistic exploration and the boundless possibilities that exist within the realm of creativity.