Emanuele Marcuccio

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Emanuele Marcuccio's art constantly challenges and reevaluates forms. By incorporating minimal metal artifacts, readymade, and photography, the artist employs a strategy where associations are transformed into allegorical expressions.

Biography of Emanuele Marcuccio

Emanuele Marcuccio was born in 1987 in Italy. In 2010, he received a BA in Fine Art from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. Later, in 2015, he obtained an MA in Fine Art from the Ecole Cantonale d’Art et Design de Lausanne (ECAL). The artist also studied at the Mountain School of Art in Los Angeles, US.

Emanuele Marcuccio's artistic talents have graced the walls of some of the world's most renowned galleries and museums, cementing his status as a formidable presence in the art world. Galleries like ECHO and Damien & The Love Guru have provided a platform for his creations, offering art enthusiasts the opportunity to immerse themselves in his captivating works.

Marcuccio's solo exhibitions include Basel Social Club (2023); "Dream Pop" at Lodos Gallery in Mexico City (2022); "Sculpture Inauguration" at Suns.works in Zurich (2022); "Terence" at Sangt Hipolyt ni Berlin (2019), among others. 

The artist has also participated in group shows, including "Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit" at Echo in Cologne (2023); "Der Radwechsel" at Universitätsgalerie Heiligenkreuzerhof in Vienna (2022); "La Velocity Delle Immagini" at Istituto Svizzero di Roma in Rome (2016); "Death of the Shambls" at Silicon Malley in Lausanne (2015); "Art of Living" at Galerie Chez Valentin in Paris (2013), and many more.

The critical acclaim and recognition bestowed upon Emanuele Marcuccio are not confined to the gallery walls alone. He has been featured in leading art publications, allowing a broader audience to engage with his artistry and perspective. Articles highlighting his work have graced the pages of ArtLyst, Art Viewer, and MOUSSE Magazine, showcasing the depth and diversity of his creative output.