Hsu Chaio-Yen

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Graduating from the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts at the esteemed Tainan National University of the Arts, Hsu Chaio-Yen specializes in mixed media installations.

Hsu Chaio-Yen's Art Style

Hsu Chaio-Yen's earlier works are dedicated to altering the essence of materials and space, unveiling the passage of time and its imprints. Employing a creative painterly language, the artist reshapes the boundaries of our emotional awareness within our memories.

Over an extended period, his artistic endeavors have concentrated on documenting numerous enduring and vanishing memories and traces in our lives. 

For us, traces can represent the actual existence of a previous event, or memories in our mind, which are sometimes clear and at other times obscure.    
Hsu Chaio-Yen

Throughout his career, he has predominantly employed inexpensive, everyday materials like charcoal, cardboard, canvas, and plastic bags. Through a drawing technique, these materials expand and layer upon a fresh canvas, orchestrating a visual reconstruction of abstract forms within the frame, revealing the raw spatial narrative of human desires.

Among the diverse aspects of his work, three core elements—people, space, and materials—serve as navigational markers for people's sensory memory. The depictions of spaces are presented in a manner reminiscent of time capsules.

A juxtaposition of conflicts between residue and disappearance as well as sense and sensibility in the interwoven time and space also constructs an imaginary experience in human beings’ everyday turbulent memory. 
Hsu Chaio-Yen