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Shinya Asanuma

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Shinya Asanuma is a contemporary artist with a background in Concept Design and Production Design.

Biography of Shinya Asanuma

Shinya Asanuma was born on October 31, 1966. He completed his education at Musashino Art University, graduating from the Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Spatial Production Design. His creative expertise spans various domains, including worldview setting, mechanical design, character design, creature design, background design, and illustration.

Currently, the artist resides in Tokyo, Japan.

Shinya Asanuma's Fusion of Art and Mechanics

Influenced by contemporary exploration, Shinya Asanuma's artistic journey seamlessly melds art and mechanics, infusing spiritual depth into paintings that highlight machines. His evolution is closely tied to the impact of the 4th Liquitex Biennale, where he presents his creations.

The emergence of the Internet has provided him with a platform to share his artworks with a global audience. Driven by the potential of the digital age, Asanuma aims to establish a new artistic style that resonates in the networked world. His exploration of the interplay between mechanics and spirituality, along with his dedication to composition, propels him on a journey to contribute to the evolving landscape of contemporary art.

Work Experience: Melding Imagination with Design

With an extensive work history, Shinya Asanuma has made a significant creative impact across various endeavors. Playing key roles in mechanical design and art settings, he has contributed to projects at studios including Geno Studio Inc. (2016-2019), XEBEC Co. (2016-2019), Kaikai Kiki Inc. (2018-2020), Sunrise Japan Inc. (2019-2020), Eighting Co. (2019), Mappa Co. (2018-2019, 2021), and Sola Digital Inc. (2022).

His recent artistic engagement includes the following projects: "Space Battleship Yamato 2205: New Departure" (2021) at Satellite Inc. and "Space Battleship Yamato Level 3199" (2023) at Studio Mother Inc., where his proficiency encompassed mechanical drawing supervision, special effects work, and mechanical art creation. 

Recognitions and awards

Shinya Asanuma's artistic pursuits have led him to participate in various exhibitions, with notable achievements including his selection for the 4th Liquitex Biennale. He has also received recognition through the following awards:

  • The 5th ARTBOX Grand Prize Exhibition, Painting and Illustration Division, Honorable Mention;
  • The 6th ARTBOX Grand Prize Exhibition, CG Division, Jury's Prize;
  • The 11th ARTBOX Grand Prize Exhibition, CG Division, Honorable Mention / Painting and Illustration Division, Honorable Mention.

In his ongoing artistic endeavors, Asanuma's intricate fusion of imagination and design continues to captivate and inspire. This approach complements his creative journey, where the intricate interplay of creativity and design remains a constant source of inspiration.