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Shrimanti Saha

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Biography of Shrimanti Saha

Shrimanti Saha was born in 1987 in West Bengal. She pursued her artistic education at the Faculty of Fine Arts, where she obtained a BVA in painting in 2009. She completed an MVA in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University, Baroda, in 2011.

Saha was the recipient of the prestigious Amol Vadehra Art Grant awarded by the Foundation of Indian Contemporary Art in 2018–19. Additionally, she also received the Inlaks Fine Arts award in 2015. The artist has undertaken various residencies, providing her with opportunities for further creative exploration and exposure to diverse artistic environments. Notable residencies include the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, USA (2019), OMI International Arts Center in New York (2018), Taj Residency and SKE Project in Bangalore (2015), and Kalakriti in Hyderabad (2015).

Shrimanti Saha has been an active participant in various exhibitions, showcasing her art at esteemed venues such as Vadehra Art Gallery in New Delhi, Sunaparanta Center for the Arts in Goa, the Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa, Mumbai Art Room in Mumbai, Alliance Française in New Delhi, Nature Morte in Gurgaon, Gallerie 88 in Kolkata, Art City Project at StudioX in Mumbai, and Ashwita Gallery in Chennai, among others.

Currently, Saha resides in Baroda, India, where she continues to work on her art. 

Shrimanti Saha's art style

Saha's narrative tapestry is interwoven with elements from history, literature, mythology, comic books, art history, science fiction, miniature painting, movies, architecture, encyclopedias, news reports, and her memories, conversations, and personal experiences. These diverse influences lead to the creation of layered story structures that can be interpreted as personal mythology, alternative history, or an anthology of untold stories.

Drawing forms the basis of my practice. It is the immediate form of tangible expression from the ephemeral nature of the idea. Usually drawing on paper with different mediums; making paper collages by pasting and cutting various kinds of paper or constructing them into independent cut outs; combining a range of drawing styles within a coherent visual realm, forms the basis of my art making. 
Shrimanti Saha

Throughout her artistic journey, storytelling has emerged as an integral aspect of Saha's research-based practice. By employing storytelling techniques, she delves into the realm of hybrid culture, identity, exploitation, violence, and the present as a consequence of the past. Saha's art becomes a commentary on these profound themes, inviting viewers to contemplate and reflect upon the complexities of our world and the human condition.