Stef Driesen

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Belgian contemporary artist Stef Driesen is known for his highly expressive canvases, which blend emotional and physical sensuality. 

Biography of Stef Driesen

Stef Driesen was born in 1966 in Hasselt, Belgium. He honed his artistic skills at the Academie Voor Schone Kunsten in Hasselt.

Driesen's artistic prowess has garnered international recognition through prestigious venues such as Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, MuZee in Ostend, and Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens in Deurle. His exceptional paintings have captured the attention of esteemed art institutions and collectors worldwide, including notable names like The Saatchi Gallery in London, Zabludowicz Collection in London, MuZee Ostend, Dayton Art Institute in the USA, and Foundation Maeght in France, among many others.

Driesen's solo exhibitions have extended to international galleries, notably encompassing the "BEND STRETCH RELAX" duo exhibition alongside Leon Vranken at Gallery Sofie Van de Velde in Antwerp, BE, in 2021. He has also exhibited at Gallery Baton in Seoul, Galerie Greta Meert in Brussels, Marc Foxx Gallery in Los Angeles, Hoet Bekaert Galerij in Knokke, Harris Lieberman Gallery in New York, The Breeder Gallery in Athens, and Alison Jacques Gallery in London.

Currently, the artist resides in Brussels, where he continues to create. 

The art style of Stef Driesen

Driesen's paintings are characterized by a sense of coldness. His work achieves a delicate balance between landscape and abstraction, fusing the romantic sublime with mortal carnality. The forms within the artist's paintings resemble bodies that retain their own flesh, featuring alternating round shapes, sharp lines, and soft gray tones.

At times, his paintings exude a luminous effect reminiscent of exaggerated fantasies, where vague and anonymous bodies emerge amidst a swirl of hues and tones. Driesen's works serve as explorations of time and light, combining sexual subjects with an emphatic aesthetic. These are central themes that Driesen brings to life through his artworks.