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Yim Ja-Hyuk

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Yim Ja-Hyuk is a contemporary Korean artist whose work captures the essence of everyday life through a diverse array of subjects. She explores the delicate interplay of white shadows and window blinds, the image of blueberries on a fork, the poetic sight of fallen leaves trapped within a fence, and the whimsy of a balloon hovering beneath a ceiling. Her creative output spans a wide range of mediums, including drawings, prints, paintings, and wall murals.

Biography of Yim Ja-Hyuk

Yim Ja-Hyuk was born in 1976. She completed her educational journey with a strong commitment to the arts, achieving the following degrees:

  • 2003: Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills.
  • 2001: Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Printmaking from Seoul National University in Seoul.
  • 1999: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Painting from Seoul National University in Seoul.

Yim Ja-Hyuk participated in numerous exhibitions, including "A Slightly Odd Day" at Nook Gallery in Seoul (2015); "Wonder World" at Leehwaik Gallery in Seoul (2012); "Breeze" at Johyun Gallery in Seoul (2010); "Peripheral Vision" at Gallery Shilla in Daegu (2007); "Yim Ja-hyuk Drawings" at Kumho Museum of Art in Seoul (2006); "Bone in a Cloud" at Brain Factory in Seoul (2005); "Something, Everything, or Someone, Once Existed, Now Disappearing" at Keumsan Gallery in Seoul (2004); "Yim Ja-hyuk" at Keumsan Gallery in Seoul (2001).

Yim Ja-Hyuk's Art Style

Yim Ja-Hyuk's art style transcends mere visual representation; it becomes a form of psychoanalysis. She introduces viewers to the void of her independence and, in doing so, explores her interactions with others and the evolving dynamics that signify the gradual departure from her inner monotony.

Yim Ja-Hyuk's work is characterized by luminous and fluid images that invite the interpretation of multiple open narratives, resembling fantasies and thoughts. The recurring subjects in her drawings combine with linguistic imaginings to generate novel sentences through their combinations and arrangements, much like the artistry of language. The arrangement and sequencing of these elements influence the artwork, giving rise to fresh narratives.

Yim Ja-Hyuk, The Blood Circulation System, STPI

In her creative process, Yim Ja-Hyuk employs vibrant complementary colors, causing them to scatter and blend across the spectrum. The shapes she layers onto the canvas are meticulously crafted with a small brush, revealing, upon closer inspection, the texture of the brushwork, diverse colors applied at the beginning or end of each brushstroke, delicate lines, and a myriad of intentional traces, all contributing to the intricate tapestry of her art.

  • Years:

    Born in 1976

  • Country:

    South Korea, Seoul

  • Gallery:

    STPI Gallery