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On this page, you’ll find the list of artists who create works in various styles, genres, and forms. Although their backgrounds and visions are different, all of them are united under one letter — A.

Personalities Behind A


Born in 1935 in Attingal, Kerala, Ramachandran is one of India’s most prominent artists who has dedicated more than 50 years to experimentation with the visual language. Taking inspiration from traditional Indian art and the works of Nandalal Bose, he mastered his skills in creating a captivating blend between archetypical Indian aesthetics and a modernistic approach to depict social-political themes.

Whether painting grand murals or delicate miniatures, the versatility of Ramachandran’s craft has been widely celebrated in his homeland and abroad. Among the most noteworthy examples is the rock sculpture at Sriperumbathoor, acknowledged as probably the largest public art in modern India.


Exploring the dissociative and dispersed nature of the human cognitive system, Alison Yip evokes uncanny or transitional states by utilizing decorations and objects people use on a daily basis. In a broader specter, her works concentrate on various topics connected to human nature, like the six senses, power struggles, and human identity.

As of today, Alison Yip’s works have been exhibited in famous museums, including Malik’s in Hamburg, Germany, MOM Space in Hamburg, Kunsthuis SYB in Beesterzwaag, Gaertnergasse in Vienna, and The Vancouver Art Gallery.


Amber Andrews is a Belgian artist who considers art an integral part of her life. From a young age, she dedicated herself to this craft, passionately honing skills. Eventually, in 2016, Andrews received her Master’s Degree in Fine Art Painting from the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts, Antwerp, which signaled the start of her artistic career.

Settling in Antwerp, Amber Andrews is constantly developing her portfolio and artistic vision by searching for new, unique expressions, topics, and narratives. However, in recent years, her works have started leaning towards figurative style, assuming a leading role in the creative approach.


Amitai Romm is a well-known Danish artist who explores how nature interconnects with society and impacts humans in it through his complex art systems. His works often feature topics related to sustainability, which are brought on canvas through imaginative, vivid, and often abstract execution. Another of Romm’s spheres of interest is the analysis of how materials change under different scenarios and conditions. He often experiments with various mediums and tries to create a fusion between the world of technologies and materials, promoting sustainability and encouraging others to join the cause.

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