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On this page, we gathered artists whose surnames begin with the letter B. Here you’ll be able to find creators who work with various techniques, genres, and themes, transferring genuinely captivating stories on canvas.

Personalities Behind B


Born in the south of the Bordeaux metro area, Benoît Maire has become a prominent contemporary French artist. Today, he is known for his multidisciplinary approach to art, working on not only paintings but also a combination of various mediums like sculptures, photographs, and installations. His works focus on the art-philosophy relationship and the artist’s role in contemporary society, which Maire depicts through surreal and layered design based on the works of Jean-François Lyotard.


When it comes to an American experimental filmmaker scene, Barbara Hammer is a figure art connoisseur should know. Working in the second half of the 20th century, she pioneered avant-garde cinema dedicated to exploring feminist and lesbian themes. Hammer often experimented in her works, utilizing multiple exposures, superimpositions, and non-linear narrative structures to explore the boundaries of film as a medium and where its potential can lead. However, although she was interested in the technical aspect, the experiences of women and queer people have always been at the core of Hammer’s art, focusing on the unapologetic portrayal of sexuality, gender identity, and the body.


Buhlebezwe Siwani is a South African artist who is well-known in her homeland and abroad, exhibiting in venues like the Michaelis Galleries, APEX Art, 13th Avenue, Commune 1, and Stevenson. Although her works are multidisciplinary, she often focuses on performance art, installations, and photographic stills in which she projects the representation of her own body. Leaving between Cape Town and Amsterdam, Siwani keeps challenging the societal status quo through her sensual artworks.


Living in New York City, Hsu keeps working as a contemporary artist and expanding her vision through experimentation with various mediums, including paintings and sculptures. Characterized by the incorporation of casual items and or accidentally found objects, her works often feature these materials in the center, which then get twisted through the author’s abstract and experimental vision. Known as an artist who explores the fusion between memory, identity, and perception, she has found her niche and participated in numerous exhibitions and residencies at the Queens Museum, the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Skowhegan School of Painting, and Sculpture and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace program. As a result of her hard work and undoubtful talent, Hsu received the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters Award, Sculptors Grant, and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant.

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