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On this page, our team has meticulously gathered an all-encompassing roster of artists marked by the letter C. Working with a diverse pallet of techniques and themes, they can captivate any art connoisseur, even those with unique tastes.

Personalities Behind C


Graduating from Taipei National University and the Tainan National University of the ArtsChen, Chien-Jung represents a growing Taiwanese artistic scene. Known for his “specious ambiguity” and focus on urban scenes or artificial mechanical objects, he combines various architectural forms and transfers them into two-dimensional space.

As a result of the hard work of creating paintings dedicated to unexpected, spontaneous, and often imperfect traces of everyday life, Chien-Jung has received several awards. Among them are the Golden Prize in Drawing from “The 11th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition ROC” in 2003, the “Kaohsiung Prize” in 2001, the “Taipei Prize” in 1997, and “The 10th Visual Arts Prize of Li Chun-shan Foundation” in 2007.


Caragh Thuring is a British painter who transforms real-life objects and landscapes into abstract paintings with minimum details. Characterized by cleverly utilized layered compositions, colors, and textures, her works explore the connection between abstraction and representation that creates a sense of depth and complexity within the painting. For Thuring, figuring out how images are constructed, reproduced, and circulated in contemporary culture is her way of delivering a completely unique experience and introducing viewers to the world of art.


Drawing on the edge of abstractionism and realism, Cecily often creates works characterized by the combination of expressive figures, vivid color palettes, and gestural brushstrokes. In addition, her art often features themes dedicated to human sexuality, desire, or body, making the audience explore their sensuality. During her early years, she lived, studied, and drew in London until, one day, she decided to move to the USA. There, Brown gained popularity and started exhibiting her works in several prominent museums and galleries, including the Hirshhorn Museum and the Gagosian Gallery in New York and Los Angeles. Moreover, she received the prestigious Charles Wollaston Award from the Royal Academy of Arts, marking a milestone in her popularity.


Representing the Chinese scene of visual artists, Cai Zebin creates whimsical and fantastic interpretations of existing motifs. According to the artist himself, he predominantly draws inspiration from history and literature to create artworks that explore the creation of art. Among his famous modern exhibitions are From rue Perrel to Southern Gothic (China, 2022) and Hello, Self-portrait (Spain, 2021).

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