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On this page, you'll find a list of exceptionally talented artists whose names begin with the letter E. Their works are a testament to artists' exceptional skills and diverse styles, making them an appealing choice for true art enthusiasts.

Personalities Behind E


Recognized as one of the most prominent figures of the Expressionist movement, Egon Schiele was a famous Austrian painter whose works were often centered around erotic portraits, self-portraits, and landscapes. Despite his short career that ended in 1918 because of the Spanish Flu, Schiele managed to work with famous painters like Gustav Klimt, leave a mark on the art world with his unique style focused on the human form, and produce some of the most celebrated landscape paintings. Today, collectors can freely purchase the works that, at his time, were considered indecent and caused a public outcry.


Growing up in a family of intellectuals who supported his interest in art, Enrico Baj became an Italian painter, sculptor, and writer known for his works in Surrealism and Nuclear Art. After graduating from the Brera Academy in Milan, Baj joined the Concrete Art Movement, dedicated to creating artworks without reference to reality. However, he soon moved to Paris and became involved with the Surrealistic scene. There, under the influence of André Breton, Marcel Duchamp, and Max Ernst, Baj created artworks characterized by dreamlike imagery and subversion of traditional art forms. Only in the 1960s did he switch to a different movement again, dedicating his artistic vision to the critique of the Cold War and the threat of nuclear annihilation, which were the main topics for the Nuclear Art movement. Even today, Baj's works are widely celebrated in the art community for their unique vision and immense contribution to the analysis of the relationship between art and politics.


Erwin Blumenfeld was a German-American photographer and artist known for his innovative fashion photography and surrealist photomontages. He worked for German magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar before fleeing Germany in 1933 due to the rise of the Nazis. In Paris, he continued his career and gained recognition for his unique style. During World War II, he was imprisoned in concentration camps before escaping and fleeing to the US, where he continued his photography career. He passed away in Rome in 1969 but remains an inspiration for artists and photographers worldwide.


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was a German painter and printmaker born in 1880. He co-founded the Die Brücke group of artists and was a key figure of the Expressionist movement in Germany. Kirchner's work was known for its vivid colors, distorted figures, and bold compositions, often depicting the human body in unconventional ways.

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