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Individuals passionate about art can discover on this page an extensive array of innovative creators who skillfully blend styles, formats, and materials to produce an extraordinary collection of works. This section is specifically dedicated to the talented artists on the letter G.

Personalities Behind G


Gao Yuan, a highly skilled artist hailing from China and currently residing in Beijing, has made a name for herself in the global art scene through her unique and captivating creations. With a keen eye for blending traditional Chinese techniques with modern art, she has showcased her work in various international exhibitions, earning much acclaim and recognition for her outstanding talent. Notably, her exceptional contributions to the art world were acknowledged in 2017 when she was bestowed with the prestigious Chinese Contemporary Art Award.


Gordon Parks was an American artist who fought for social justice and racial equality. He grew up facing discrimination and poverty in Kansas. Parks became a photographer in the 1940s and worked for Vogue and Life. He was the first African American to work for Life and used the opportunity to showcase the reality of Black Americans' lives. His work depicted the struggles of the civil rights era and remains a source of inspiration for artists today. He received many awards for his contributions to the arts and social justice. His legacy is a vital part of American cultural history.


Georg Baselitz is a German artist known for his controversial and unique style. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in East Berlin and was expelled for "sociopolitical immaturity." He started creating paintings with upside-down figures in the late 1960s, challenging traditional perspectives. Baselitz also worked in sculpture and printmaking and has received numerous awards and honors. His works have been exhibited worldwide, and he's considered one of the most important artists of his generation.


Gino Severini, a distinguished Italian painter, is renowned for his remarkable fusion of Cubism with Futurist fascination with dynamism and technology. His oeuvre is characterized by a plethora of modern subjects, including trains, cars, and airplanes, which he deftly rendered on canvas. Severini's artistic journey was not without its challenges, as he experienced a severe injury during World War I. However, this setback only inspired him to delve deeper into the spiritual realm, which he vividly depicted in his later works. He is widely regarded as a pioneering artist who significantly impacted the modern art scene in Europe. In 1966, Severini passed away in Paris, leaving behind a rich legacy of artistic brilliance.

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