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Addis Fine Art

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Addis Fine Art is a prominent African contemporary art gallery with locations in London and Addis Ababa. Founded in 2016 by Rakeb Sile and Mesai Haileleul, the gallery has established itself as a leading voice in the contemporary African art market, showcasing artists from Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa, and its diasporas.

Championing African Artists on the Global Stage

Since its inception, Addis Fine Art has been at the forefront of showcasing and championing African artists worldwide. Through its London gallery space, the gallery endeavors to enhance the international visibility of African art, providing a platform for mid-career artists to exhibit their works. As one of the few Black and African-owned art galleries in the city, Addis Fine Art contributes to a more diverse and inclusive art scene.

With a commitment to promoting African artists internationally, Addis Fine Art operates a dynamic program in both cities, nurturing mid-career artists in London and providing a platform for emerging talents in Addis Ababa. 

Expansion and Cultural Exchange of Addis Fine Art

In 2021, Addis Fine Art expanded its presence in London, moving into larger premises in Fitzrovia. The new two-storey gallery space further solidifies the gallery's dedication to promoting African art on the global stage. Simultaneously, the Addis Ababa location continues to facilitate critical engagement within the local market and encourages artists from the diaspora to return to the continent, fostering cultural exchange and the development of their artistic practices.

Addis Fine Art's vision and commitment to showcasing diverse African artists in both London and Addis Ababa have positioned it as a significant force in the contemporary art world. Through its curated exhibitions, publications, and programming, the gallery continues to celebrate and amplify the voices of African artists while contributing to the growth and recognition of contemporary African art internationally.

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