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Afriart Gallery

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Afriart Gallery (AAG) is a renowned contemporary art gallery based in Kampala, Uganda. Since its establishment in 2002 by artist Daudi Karungi, the gallery has played a pivotal role in representing and promoting African artists. With a focus on original forms of expression and engaging with the public, Afriart Gallery provides a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work and fosters their growth.

Promoting African Art on a Global Stage

Afriart Gallery has successfully showcased the works of its artists on prestigious platforms worldwide. The gallery's artists frequently participate in major exhibitions, biennales, and significant art fairs such as Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Paris, Liste Basel, Abu Dhabi Art, and Expo Chicago. By actively representing African artists on the global stage, Afriart Gallery plays a vital role in enhancing the recognition and appreciation of contemporary African art. This exposure benefits the artists themselves, fosters cultural exchange and amplifies the visibility of African artistic voices on an international level.

A Vibrant Hub for the Ugandan Art Community

As a focal point of Kampala's artistic community, Afriart Gallery provides a vibrant and enriching space for experiencing the diverse and exquisite art of Uganda. With its new space, Afriart on 7th, the gallery offers an expanded platform, featuring a large gallery space, a members' lounge, and a library. This multifaceted space provides ample opportunities for artists and curators to experiment, push the boundaries of their practice, and contribute audaciously to Uganda's cultural discourse. Afriart Gallery's dedication to nurturing artistic expression and providing a dynamic environment demonstrates its commitment to fostering creativity and stimulating dialogue within the local art community.

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  • Kampala, 110, 7th Street Industrial Area
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