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Casey Kaplan

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The Casey Kaplan Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in New York City. Established in 1995, the gallery has been dedicated to showcasing innovative and challenging art across diverse mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, and installation.

Casey Kaplan Gallery and Its Artists: A Parallel Growth Story 

Casey Kaplan Gallery and its artists have grown in parallel. The gallery held the first exhibitions of artists who have become significant contributors to the field of contemporary art.

Representing diverse artists from various geographic locations and generations, the gallery boasts a rich roster of talents, including Kevin Beasley, Jason Dodge, Giorgio Griffa, Jordan Casteel, Matthew Ronay, Ella Walker, Diego Perrone, Simon Starling, Jonathan Monk, Caroline Kent, and many others. These talented artists have participated in international biennales, editions of Documenta, and exhibited at renowned institutions worldwide.

Furthermore, Casey Kaplan Gallery has actively participated in international art fairs, including Art Basel, Art Basel Miami Beach, ADAA the Art Show, Frieze Los Angeles, Frieze New York, and Frieze London.

  • Location
  • New York, 121 West 27TH Street
  • Participated in:
  • Basel Hall 2.1