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Damien & The Love Guru

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Damien & The Love Guru: Supporting Emerging Artists

Damien & The Love Guru is the gallery that defines itself as a curatorial field of experimentation in contemporary art with an anthropological twist. The gallery operates in Brussels and Zurich.

The gallery organizes compelling and non-conventional exhibitions featuring works by emerging artists. Damien & The Love Guru encourages immersion in and critical exploration of cross-disciplinary realms of visual art through independent projects and collaborations.

Damien & The Love Guru places a strong emphasis on art projects as a way to create an inclusive and tangible environment. 

The gallery represents a diverse roster of artists, including Anne FellnerVanessa Disler, Slow Reading Club, Christiane BlattmannEmanuele MarcuccioHCJannis Marwitz, Sharon Van Overmeiren, Mickael MarmanJulian Irlinger, and Mathis Pfäffli

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  • Brussels, Rue de Tamines 19 1060
  • Zurich, Zollikerstrasse 249 8008
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