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E. A. Shared Space

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E. A. Shared Space: Fostering Collaboration and Cultural Exchange

E. A. Shared Space is a dynamic curatorial project that serves as a platform for artistic exploration, dialogue, and collaboration. Its multifunctional space is designed to host exhibitions, screenings, readings, collective translation sessions, and meetings both online and in real life.

One of the unique features of E. A. Shared Space is its curated zine kiosk. This dedicated space showcases contemporary zines created by artists and cultural workers who engage with critical thought. By highlighting these thought-provoking publications, the project aims to create a temporary curated library accessible both online and in physical form, offering a wealth of knowledge in multiple languages.

Creating Connections Between Key Art Actors

A central objective of E. A. Shared Space is to produce work deeply rooted in its local context and actively engage with the surrounding community. This is achieved by inviting local and international artists, curators, writers, activists, and other cultural workers to participate in the project. Through this collaborative approach, E. A. Shared Space facilitates an exchange of knowledge, fostering connections between international and local audiences.

The Idea of Shared Space

The name "E.A. Shared Space" draws inspiration from the tradition of Komunalkas (communal apartments) during the Soviet era, which is the historical context of the space in which the project is located. Additionally, the project takes cues from living projects initiated by students in Western European countries, where living spaces are transformed into shared environments for people who may be unrelated. This blending of influences contributes to the inclusive and communal spirit that defines E. A. Shared Space.

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