Nestled within the captivating Ila Pensjonat artists' complex in Oslo, Femtensesse Gallery is a haven for contemporary art enthusiasts. Established in 2020 by visionary curator Jenny Kinge, this gallery is dedicated to showcasing the works of both Norwegian and international artists, serving as a vibrant platform for creative expression.

Femtensesse Gallery stands out for its experimental approach to the exhibition format, continuously pushing the boundaries of artistic presentation. Rather than confining itself to a single physical space, the gallery embraces the concept of mobility, curating exhibitions that transcend traditional confines and venture into various locations within the Ila Pensjonat complex and even spill into public spaces.

With an unwavering commitment to promoting Norwegian artistry, Femtensesse Gallery provides a vital platform for local artists to showcase their talent. At the same time, it serves as a dynamic bridge between Norway and the global art community, welcoming international artists to share their unique perspectives within Oslo's creative landscape. This intersection of local and international artistic voices creates a rich tapestry of cultural dialogue within the gallery's walls.

The Ila Pensjonat artists' complex provides a nurturing environment for Femtensesse Gallery to thrive. Surrounded by a community of artists, the gallery benefits from the collective energy and collaborative spirit that permeate the space. This synergy fosters an atmosphere of creativity, enabling the gallery to curate thought-provoking exhibitions that captivate visitors and foster artistic growth.

As Femtensesse Gallery continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on Oslo's artistic landscape. With Jenny Kinge's visionary leadership at the helm, the gallery will undoubtedly forge new paths, discovering innovative ways to celebrate and promote the power of contemporary art. 

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