Gaga Gallery was founded in January 2008 by Fernando Mesta and José Rojas. The gallery maintains close relationships with its artists, who actively participate in diverse creative fields, collectives, brands, and galleries.

Gaga Gallery’s history

Gaga Gallery made its debut with Claire Fontaine's solo show titled "Capitalism is not working." The gallery benefits from Mexico City's unique position, both as a peripheral locality and as a central appendix of the global art system. 

In 2023, fifteen years after its foundation, Gaga Gallery expanded with a second location in Los Angeles. This expansion marks an exciting phase for the gallery as it revises its own history and continues to support the artistic growth of its represented artists.

Why "Gaga"?

The choice of the name "Gaga" holds its own significance for the gallery. Although the term is not commonly used in Mexico (rather, it is more associated with being "a bit out of it" in Spain), Gaga Gallery finds meaning in its reference to stuttering, similar to "jaja" or "dada." The decision to adopt this name was also influenced by videos exhibited by Bernadette Corporation and Karl Holmqvist, which featured the word "gaga" in different contexts. This playful and nuanced choice adds depth and layers to the gallery's identity.

Diverse Group of Artists, Represented by Gaga Gallery

Gaga represents a varied and multifaceted group of artists from various backgrounds and artistic practices. The gallery's roster includes artists working in different mediums, such as painting, sculpture, photography, and multimedia installations. This diversity contributes to the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of the gallery, offering visitors a wide range of artistic perspectives and experiences. The gallery showcases works by Peter Fischli, Raúl Guerrero, Danny McDonald, Emily Sundblad, and many more.

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  • Basel Hall 2.1