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HEK (House of Electronic Arts)

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HEK (House of Electronic Arts) is a cultural institution and museum dedicated to providing a rich and comprehensive experience of media art and technology.

HEK: Dynamic Hub for Contemporary Art

Since its establishment in 2011, HEK has played a pivotal role in fostering creative and critical discussions surrounding the aesthetic, socio-political, and economic impacts of media technologies. As a platform dedicated to contemporary art that embraces and utilizes new technologies, HEK actively promotes aesthetic practices connected to information technologies.

HEK is a dynamic hub for contemporary artistic events spanning visual arts, music, theatre, dance, performance, and design. Through its multifaceted program, HEK provides the public with captivating insights into art production at the interface of art, media, and technologies. HEK's program includes exhibitions, performances, concerts, smaller festival formats, educational initiatives, and online activities that address social issues and explore thought-provoking questions relevant to our times.

HEK is dedicated to responding dynamically and adaptively to current events, ensuring that its themes are accessible to both experts and the general public. Through its diverse program and extensive network of international and national project partners, the institution positions itself as a vibrant hub for the exploration of electronic art and digital culture.

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