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In the vibrant tapestry of Brazil's art history, a groundbreaking chapter unfolds with the emergence of HOA, the first black-owned art gallery to grace the canvas of Brazilian creativity. A pioneering jewel in the artistic crown, HOA is more than just a gallery; it's a movement, a catalyst for change, and a platform that resonates with the echoes of history and the rhythms of the present.

HOA: Unveiling Brazil's First Black-Owned Art Gallery

About the Artwork Hoa Galeria 960x617
HOA Galeria. Courtesy of the Gallery.

HOA is an artist-led arts organization that sprouted in the artistic hub of São Paulo, Brazil, in 2020. The visionary mind behind this movement is none other than Igi Lola Ayedun, a trailblazer with an unwavering dedication to contemporary Latin American art.

Committed to a decolonial perspective of contemporary art, with a focus on artists from the global majority, HOA has established a network of over 40 artists from across the country who are shaping a fresh vision of decolonial culture within the local context. Covering a wide range of mediums, from painting to 3D art, HOA's curatorial core offers a rich diversity of artistic expressions, fostering a multimedia connection with the next generation of artists, thinkers, and curators.

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  • São Paulo, Rua Brigadeiro Galvão, 480