LC Queisser

Step into the vibrant art scene of Tbilisi, where LC Queisser has been making waves since its establishment in 2018 by Lisa Offermann. This forward-thinking gallery has not only influenced the local art landscape but has also contributed to the sustainability and dynamism of the Eurasian context. With a focus on contemporary works and a commitment to cross-cultural exchange, LC Queisser has become a catalyst for artistic dialogue and collaboration.

At the heart of LC Queisser's philosophy is the belief in the power of contextual correspondence and the importance of nurturing local talent. The gallery actively collaborates with local curators and initiations, recognizing the value of indigenous perspectives in shaping the art scene. By working closely with local artists and cultural figures, LC Queisser strives to amplify their voices and provide a platform for their artistic expressions.

LC Queisser's program strikes a delicate balance between showcasing the works of both Georgian and foreign artists. Through this intentional curation, the gallery aims to shed light on the strong visual content emanating from a noncentral location in the art scene. By highlighting the unique perspectives and narratives of artists from this region, LC Queisser challenges the dominance of traditional art centers and fosters a more diverse and inclusive art discourse.

To further enrich its program, LC Queisser frequently invites other artists and collaborators to participate in intricate group exhibitions. By embracing collaboration and inclusivity, the gallery creates a space where diverse voices converge, fostering a dynamic and engaging art experience for both artists and visitors. Through these collective efforts, LC Queisser creates an environment that encourages artistic experimentation and pushes the boundaries of creative expression.

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