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The Mayor Gallery was founded in 1925 by Fred Mayor. It was the first gallery to open its doors on the famous Cork Street in London, UK.

The Mayor Gallery: Showcasing Leading Artists

Since its foundation, the Mayor Gallery has hosted the first exhibitions of many famous artists, including Max Ernst, Paul Klee, André Masson, Alexander Calder, and Joan Miró. The Mayor Gallery was also the center of UNIT ONE, a group that included Henry Moore, Ben Nicholson, and others.

In 1973, the gallery was headed by the son of its founder, James Mayor. Since then, the gallery has presented the work of many leading American artists to the general public. For example, the audience has witnessed the breathtaking works of artists such as Eva Hesse, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert RauschenbergRobert Ryman, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselman, and many others.

The Mayor Gallery remains dedicated to showcasing exhibitions featuring prominent American Pop artists, as well as notable representatives from the European Nouveau Réalisme, Surrealist, and Dada movements. Moreover, it holds a distinguished reputation as London's foremost Gallery for the ZERO and Concrete movements.

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  • London, 21 Cork St, First Floor
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  • Basel Hall 2.0