Our Statement

At Digital Basel, we envision a future where digital art transcends boundaries, uniting passionate collectors with visionary artists under the discerning guidance of world-class experts. Our purpose is to transform the digital art landscape by cultivating trust, championing artistic integrity, and spearheading innovation in the way art is discovered, experienced, and acquired.

In a world where the digital art market has been tainted by speculation, misconduct, and a dearth of curatorship, we stand as a beacon of hope, bridging the divide between esteemed galleries and a new generation of collectors. We endeavor to empower galleries and artists by featuring an eclectic array of contemporary art, spanning various periods, styles, and genres, all under the vigilant eyes of distinguished curators.

As a platform driven by an unwavering devotion to the power of art, Digital Basel serves as the catalyst for nurturing meaningful connections between galleries and collectors, guaranteeing a seamless and transparent experience from discovery to acquisition. Digital Basel is a non-profit venture that explores the untapped potential of the digital market. We facilitate connections between parties and, upon finding a match, we offer our assistance in the transaction of newly created art assets. While our technology and commitment to due diligence streamline the process, galleries and collectors are free to proceed without our involvement. All artworks showcased on our platform adhere to the 'fair use' principle and are employed as visual references, not for commercial purposes.

Join us on this audacious journey, uniting over 200 of the world's finest galleries and more than 7,000 awe-inspiring artworks, as we shape the future of digital art and captivate the world with the enduring enchantment of human creativity.